Three Android Apps You Must Try

The summer is here, so it's time to install some fun apps on your Android smartphone. Here are the ones that have made it into my personal top three.

1. Google Podcasts

Yes, there are lots of podcast apps out there, but this one has been built by Google, so it's got a few nice features:
- It can play your favorite podcasts at the desired speed and/or skip the areas where the speaker is silent;
- It syncs across all the devices that are associated with a particular Google Play account, so you can listen to a podcast on your smartphone, and then, when you return home, resume it using your tablet;
- It pushes the most recent podcast episodes straight to your phone, if you want to;
- It helps you discover new podcasts based on your preferences and listening history.

2. Driving Detective

This app is using some smart accelerometer code to detect when you are driving. And as soon as you get behind the wheel, it enables your phones' "Do Not Disturb" mode, thus helping you drive safely, without being disturbed by your phone's visual and/or audio notifications, or being tempted to answer a call.
Once that you have exited the car, "Do Not Disturb" will be disabled automatically. The same thing will happen if the car remains immobile for more than 15 minutes. I don't know about you, but I believe that this app is (literally) a life saver!

3. Runtastic

Okay, so you aren't into driving, and maybe you don't even have a car. Don't lose hope, though; apps like Runtastic double as running and fitness trackers. So, if you love jogging, running, biking and even walking, this app helps you track distances, includes a voice coach, and can even allow your friends to see your running map and cheer you along the way.