New Spectre-Style Vulnerabilities Discovered

Two researchers from MIT have recently discovered another set of CPU-based vulnerabilities. All the devices that utilize Intel, AMD and ARM processors are affected, regardless of the operating system that they are using.
Three Android Apps You Must Try

Did you know that Google has recently coded a Podcast app? And that a clever guy has created a piece of software that will automatically turn your phone notifications off while you are driving? And if you aren't into driving, I've got you covered as well!
Twitter Slashes Millions of Accounts to Build Trust

The social media giant has decided to disable the suspicious accounts, with the goal of building trust. Still, some innocent people got hit as well. If you have recently lost a hefty number of followers, this article shows you what happened.
Wi-Fi Alliance's EasyMesh Boosts Wireless Networks

Everyone knows that mesh routers are the best when it comes to boosting wireless signal. However, Wi-Fi Alliance has invented something that's even better! Read the article to learn more about EasyMesh.
Wikipedia compiles a list of weird articles

Did you know that Wikipedia hosts over five million articles? And now, you won't have to search through them all, or use its "random article" feature. Its editors have compiled a huge list which includes Wikipedia's most unusual articles.
Will Microsoft's Surface Go give Apple's iPad a run for its money?

Apple iPad has finally gotten a serious competitor, and it's a product that rivals its build quality and sells for less. Discover all there is to know about Microsoft's Surface Go.
Zoho Helps Entrepreneurs Improve Their Businesses

Zoho is well-known for its tools that help businesses grow. But now, the company also wants to be known for its free business-related training materials. And I'd say that they've got a really good start!