Wi-Fi Alliance's EasyMesh Boosts Wireless Networks

Since 1991, when the first wireless network was invented, people have done everything in their power to increase Wi-Fi signal strength. It all started with better antennas and better cables, but in the end everyone realized that a single router simply can't provide enough Wi-Fi signal for an entire home. This explains why mesh networks, wireless systems that utilize several routers which are placed in different areas and work together, were the next logical step.
And now, Wi-Fi Alliance has invented EasyMesh, a new type of router mesh architecture that utilizes several access points to create a self-adapting Wi-Fi network, which has the potential to offer a great wireless coverage in outdoor areas and indoor spaces.

Unlike the existing meshes, the custom EasyMesh solution makes each network client (each wireless device) communicate with each access point, until the best Wi-Fi signal is found. The two key criteria which are taken by EasyMesh into account are signal strength and level of interference.

The good news is that EasyMesh allows various access points, which have been produced by several manufacturers, work together in harmony. Not only that, but the system also offers automatic onboarding and configuration for each new device that is connected to the mesh network.

EasyMesh is also scalable, making it really easy for people and companies to increase the range of their Wi-Fi networks by simply adding more access points to it.

More information can be found here: https://www.wi-fi.org/discover-wi-fi/wi-fi-easymesh